This campaign is using the setting from Cubicle 7’s Victoriana RPG, but using the FATE system by Evil Hat.

The game has been on hiatus since the Fall of 2011, and will be restarted with new and old players alike by January 2013.

The year is 1867. Steam power is growing and slowly bringing with it the conveniences to the masses that were once only available to those who mastered the art of magic and to the nobility who could afford to employ them. Magic is strictly controlled by the Guild, but is still often not fully trusted by all due to the darker history involved.

It is a time for rebellion; a rising middle class is changing the status quo and showing the weakness of the aristocracy. A better armed and well supported lower class is shaking the foundations of society, demanding change and better means of living. The aristocrats, once the scions of power, now lose their lands to pay debts, growing weaker all the while.

This is the world we find ourselves in, where Science and Magic run rampant, where fantasy and science fiction walk down the aisle hand in hand, and where gutter-runners live in a state of societal intrigue.

Welcome to Victoriana. . .

Victoriana - FATE Edition